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Sheng Chi Training Center and Social Entrepreneurship

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There is an ongoing discussion over precisely what is social entrepreneurship and who is a social entrepreneur.

“…The effort to provide training to veterans was suggested by martial artist Tom Callos. Mr. Callos has been a consultant to the martial arts industry for ten years and advocates what he calls social entrepreneurship. Essentially social entrepreneurs measure their bottom line not on profits but on their impact to their community. The Sheng Chi Training Center follows the concepts of social entrepreneurship.

The program is funded by the Sheng Chi Foundation. The Sheng Chi Foundation is a California non-profit public benefit corporation based in Valley Springs which was founded by Phil and Liz Weaver to help bring the benefits of martial arts training to those who need it most. This includes at-risk youth, veterans, and other individuals in need of physical and mental development. Information on the Sheng Chi Foundation can be found at and donations can be sent to 139 Main St. Valley Springs.( see )


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