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I had studied Sanshou or Sanda for over 15 years and Devin threw me aouound like a baby.which is humbling-Sanshou modern Chinese hand to hand combat, self-defense system, and combat sport. Rather seen as an independent style it is consider just one of the components of chinese martial arts and is normally taught alongside other wushu.

The term Sanda has a longer history and is more commonly used. Sanshou was the official name given to the martial art when it was formalized and standardized by the Chinese government. Later the official name reverted back to Sanda.

It is composed of some aspects of traditional martial arts fighting styles in China, but mainly based on scientific one on one combat efficiency. Sanshou is composed of chinese martial arts applications inculding most aspects of combat including striking and grappling. Sanda tournaments are one of the two sport wushu disciplines recognized by the International Wushu Federation

As an unarmed self-defense system, Sanshou includes punches, kicks and grappling (throws, locks, chokes)

Mr. Devin Willis seems to use a more effective Sanshou-He just called MKF

Some Sanda (Sanshou) fighters who are well-known in the U.S.A. include the IKF champion Cung Le, Rudi Ott, and Marvin Perry. Some well-known Sanda fighters within China itself include Yuan Yubao and Liu Hailong who was once called “The Conqueror of Muay Thai”.


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