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A Day of Training in the 90’s

hanegoshiI remember one day sparring with Devin Willis , He let me attack at any level of intensity I choose to use. My attacks, were full contact with high intensity, which Devin had problem dealing with in all ranges. As the sparring pursued, he started to land some blows of his own to my legs then some punches , next thing I knew he thew me with a Ippon Seio Nage to the ground .

I got back up , got ready noticed and we started banging hard, I made contact with one punch then I tried to kick and I think he swept me with a modified De Ashi Harai (Barai) which resulted me back on the ground with Devin on top pining me so I could not move. He started hitting me with light contact, so I tapped–Just another day traing and learning MKF



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Study of Speed In Throwing Arts

Laboratory of Sport and Health, Faculty of Sciences Sport and Physical Education, France.  seem to support what I have learned in the throwing arts. I also found this inRamdane Almansba post in Judo-the-Blog It Stated the following:

The aim of this work was to verify if there was a difference in throwing speed performance between heavier

and lighter weight categories in judo. Sixteen judoists aged 18±3 years-old, eight considered in the light weight category (-73 kg) and eight considered in the heavy weight category (+73 kg) participated in the study. A force/velocity test was used to determine the anaerobic power, strength, and pedal speed for each subject. Three trials of Nage-komi exercise, each comprised of 15s sets of Osoto-g

ari, Uchi-mata and Ippon-seoi-nage throws were performed by each subject to ascertain throwing speed. Throws within the sets were intersected by one period of 3 minute passive rest while the trials were separated by one period of 10 minute passive rest. Heart rate and the greatest number of throws within each set were measured for three trials.
We use

d an ANOVA to compare the number of throws between the two weight categories and a

“Student” test when the difference was significant. A correlation was used to examine the link between the different parameters.

show that in the force/velocity test pedal speed did not differ between the two categories. However, there was a significant difference between the two categories when throwing speed was measured by the number of throws executed during the Ippon-seoi-nage and Uchi-mata, but there was no significant difference between the two categories for Osoto-gari.

Our study showed that the throwing speed of judoists represented by number of throws appears to be significantly different between the two categories. The lighter category has more speed than the heavier c ategory using arm technique (Ippon-seoi-nage), while the heavier category has more speed using leg technique with half turn of the attacker’s body (Uchi-mata). As a result, throwing speed is related to the type of technique used and not weight category…”


More Resources;

Sanshou + Modern Kung Fu?— James–Modern Kung fu

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Devin Willis’s approach/simple defense against a thai clinch

Devin Willis taught us  “..A simple defense against a thai clinch is pushing your opponent’s chin ito gain a clinch on him to set up a trip or transition to a throw”

 This works well and I have used it over and over!pushing your opponent’s chin ito gain

Steps are as follow:

1) thai clinch
2)headlock (this is very momentary and as soonas this is applied you back should be halfway through applying rule 3)
3)throw over your hips
4)slam him as hard as you can

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I have always wondered if Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo and Master Lee ever crossed paths?

     San Soo kung fu is one of the most effective systems for self defense. Modern Kung fu is also known as an effective system.

I have always wondered if Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo and Master Lee ever crossed paths? Devin was never sure
Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo brought the art of San Soo kung fu to America in

around the 1930’s and was the first Chinese to teach non-Asians. From when he

opened his El Monte, CA school in 1958 until his death in 1991, he taught

thousands of fighters what many Martial artists consider the most brutally effective

martial art existing today. I have started to study it the last year and Modern Kung fu seems to perhaps mimic it in many ways?

-kicks and punches, leverages (chin-na), mauling and grappling techniques,

classical (staff, tri-sectional, knife, ) and


-unorthodox (chair, shoe, belt, etc.) weaponry, sweeps, throws, and

take-downs, and pressure point or nervous system strikes.


San Soo kung fu and Modern Kung fu are attack-based, first-strike-mentality art unfettered by sport and aesthetic considerations. Eye gouges , joint and neck breaks, biting, and many other “unethical” strikes are the san soo practitioner’s bread and butter. We believe fighting is not a game, but brutal, ugly, nasty business.

As the great warrior Miyamoto Musashi said, our sole intent is to step in and kill the enemy.

There is no other consideration. Since any martial artist will fight

exactly as he has trained, we never train with rules but with deadly

serious intent and a healthy respect for not only our partners, but for

every human being. True san soo kung fu is not for everyone; only for

those who are serious about real-life self defense against one or more

attackers, armed or unarmed. No silly animal postures. No endless

breathing exercises. Just the scientific study of street-fighting

principles and psychology. One of the reasons I had to leave Devin because of his religion of Mormonism, His Instructor Don Neal was a Lay Pastor and my current instructor is also a Christian(what is a Christian?.)

For more information on San Soo kung fu, you can contact

Master Mark Colby

Contact him by email at:


or through his website at this link

P.s-Devin was an awesome man, teacher and fighter. He was just unsaved.

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I may have contacted Master David Lee , I was told he had passel away .

It looks like according to my sources he is working as a Sound Engineer and living in Singapore. He now is teaching Yoga I am excited to interview. I will be flying out to meet with him in the  January , Email address:

Correspondence address:

Thomson Road Post Office P.O. Box 435, 915715.
Languages: English and Chinese, Malay.

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Modern Kung Fu Defense: Choke

  If You W ere being Choked What would  you do? 

In a grappling situation , What you want to do first is to relieve pressure by pulling his right forearm downward and getting your chin tucked in a bit. (As much as you can tuck your chin, the better as it will relieve pressure)

Roll on your back (your stomach should facing the sky/ceiling and your opponent is on his/her back.

Next once you have relieved pressure (or a lot of it and your chin is tucked in, with your right hand, try to pull his LEFT forearm (preferable the wrist) away from your head. (You dont want that arm wrapped around your head) While you tuck your chin in more to the point where its hard for him to choke you.

Now use TWO of your hands to pull that left arm away from your head (Pull it as it was a lever, as you will). It is impossible for him to choke you now with one arm and your chin tucked although it will be uncomfortable. While you are pulling his left arm away from your head, keep moving your head to the left side to the ground then your shoulders.

Note -raise yourself up on the balls of your feet and twist your hip one way, creating space, then suddenly the opposite way, which will give you the opportunity to twist your body round to meet your opponent – you are now in the guard.

While you are moving your head/shoulders away from him, move your hips away too (towards the left side) and now put your hands on his
hips and push him away from you. By moving your knees up and pushing him away will help too and will prevent him from doing a mount on you.

Rear Naked ChokeFinishing Moves Basic Ground Fighting Techniques

How to Escape From a Rear Naked Choke |

Rear naked Choke Escape from Ground From: Submissions101

Standing Rear Choke Escape From: Submissions101

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Modern Kung Fu Links

Check out this Willis Modern Combative Arts Search Engine, “Protect your family”A guide by Devin Willis (Utah) and this  Modern Kung Fu Wiki

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