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Martialinfo.comThey  are committed to the entire “village” that is the world of martial arts. We are here for the fighter, the fan, the teacher, the coach, the parents, the traditionalist, the eclectic practitioner, the expert, the novice, the filmmaker, the actor, the celebrity, and the unknown master. We celebrate the diversity of our histories, of our people, of everything that is the best – of – the-best of what we do – and what we are capable of. There is something to the study  for anyone  that loves  the martial arts

Nerd World’s Martial Arts-Large Index of many martial arts related resources created by Nerd World Media. You can list your resource or Create your own account and index.

Filipino Martial Arts Resources “This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of resources, but rather a pointer to comprehensive resources for Filipino martial arts on the Internet.”

Modern Kung Fu Information-This information about resources and information about this unique but mis-understood system anything related to Mixed Martial Arts including MMA schools, MMA fight videos.“ the premier online forum in America dedicated solely to providing you with the most up-to-the-minute Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) news, match ups, event details, recaps, analysis and fighter interviews…”

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts“The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts or AEMMA, is a Toronto based non-profit corporation and has as its goals: (1) to resurrect and reconstruct historical European/Western medieval martial arts; (2) to provide instruction and training in developing personal defensive and offensive skills based on our research of the martial arts techniques of historical Europe. ”  – The site includes an incredible database of information organized by century.

Mike’s Martial Arts Resource Page– Mike talks  shares resources and training experinces  from “..Northern Shaolin Ch’uan (Bei Shao Lin Quan), Taichi Ch’uan (Taiji Quan), and other systems of Chinese arts. and..

My former fencing salle, Martinez Academy of Arms, offers instruction in European martial arts, particularly classical fencing and historical swordsmanship of the French, Italian, and Spanish traditions and systems.

My former karate dojang, Lawrenceville School Karate, which was affiliated with the World Tang Soo Do Association, can be reached via the New Jersey address listed on the site. I had the honor of serving as an assistant instructor while I attended that school.

FightingArts Reading Room Hase a excellent martial arts library of a 1000 + articles, topics and reference materials on karate, taekwondo,kung fu, taekwondo, aikido, judo, ju jitsu, ect


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