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Let Us Uphold These Obligations as Instructors

I know my fellow Instructors, who have taught Law enforcement with Instructor Calasanz Martinez. He wrote :

“..officers have no time to waste with useless techniques in their martial arts training. What they need is something that works and the conditioning and stamina to execute these techniques in a high intensity confrontation….

Martinez. further wrote “…It is the obligation of a marital arts instructor to prepare not only police officers, but also the general public, for such unhealthy or life-threatening confrontations. Unfortunately, some martial artists are making a lot of money marketing a lot of empty promises…”

I agree %100 , let us uphold these obligations.

SourceMartial Arts Schools for Law Enforcment Officers Posted: 02-08-2008

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Finding A Martial Arts Instructor By Gene Roos-( -“..Finding a legitimate martial arts instructor is not often easy. Most beginning students just don’t know enough to judge what they should be looking for and what to avoid. This article has great  suggestions.

Leadership and The Martial Arts -by Sensei Robert M. Carver-(  “…  As Martial Art Instructors, we have unique challenges in our responsibilities toward our students. It is no longer enough that we are proficient in kicking, punching, throwing and twisting joints. These days, Instructors must be good leaders and mentors to our students, and guide them in their Martial Arts development…”This article  shows how we can become better Instructors

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I remember Training With Devin Willis And Damon Willis- MKF Warrior-

My thoughts on leadership;0)Devin Willis– July 26, 2008-“My Discoveries on the Road to Prosper and Learn Blog”


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One Minute Entrepreneur + Martial Arts business Could help

Martial Arts” wrote “…A martial arts school can be an expensive new business venture to set in motion. However, the average cost now paid by a student per year for martial arts training is in excess of $600. Providing the business could train 200 students per year, this would result in revenues exceeding $120,000, based on an average of $600 per year per student. Needless to say, this type of specialized instruction can be very financially lucrative. In addition to group training, one-on-one martial arts training is also becoming popular for the serious student who is prepared to pay $40 per hour or more for an intensive training session..” see Business Idea Center: Martial Arts

Ethan Willis and Randy Garn knew firsthand the need of many young owners for personalized guidance in starting and growing a business. This is the spark that led them to found Prosper Learning (Prosper Inc.), whose motto is, “Your life is your business . . . Making it Prosper is ours.”(see CNET Networks, Inc ref Provo company works to make clients Prosper Deseret News (Salt Lake City),  Jun 26, 2005)

When I talked with Devin, he explained that these teachings, have helped martial artists along the way! I hope to train with him soon. I would also like to  meet up with Ethan  and Randy and share my thoughts!


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INC.COM-Small business resources for the entrepreneur, home based business, advice and ideas for starting a business, writing a business plan, management

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My Discoveries on the Road to Prosper and Learn By Devin Willis

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Ethan Willis and E-strengths assessment helps Martial Artists

You’ll discover your own strengths and passions in this quick E-strengths assessment. The insight you may really help improve your success. If you are teaching at your own school or gym (or want to) You are already an entrepreneur, or in the process of becoming one–you just need a little guidance to finish the task.

Take your E-strengths assessment and is FREE The online  Assessment is designed to identify your  strengths and weaknesses. And youreself will see how it could help you with your students. I did and found it useful. Let me know what you think!

I will pass it along!


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Ethan Willis-Great Author and Warrior

Ethan Willis was about 14yrs old when I knew him. Even then this young( Willis trained) fighter had and appears all the attributes of a great warrior– smarts, strength, endurance, explosive power, personal drive, willingness to work hard Read this Martial arts blog about Ethan Willis

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