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Total Combat!


In the next year watch out Utah!  Devin told me something  about a team that will be making ..


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The Son of Devin Willis-Is he the future of MKF?

The above is Devin’s son ! What an exciting Time between All the Willis’s Modern Kung-Fu will pass on to the next generation.fighting arts

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Damon Win’s MMA Match at Mike Stidham’s Ultimate Combat Experience

Congrats to our friend  and  my brother Damon Willis for winning his MMA match by RNG.  Damon has been training with his coach and friend Chuck Costello – (MMA Professional Trainer And Fighter!) Mike Darcy  train’s at the Ultimate Combat Center and  was listed as a kickboxer. It is a great fight!!!!!! No doubt  Darcy was a tough kid and UCE was a great place to bring fighters

Thanks to James for allowing me to  become a guest  on his blog,

Devin Willis

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Damon Willis in Pankration

I have been lucky! a student of Don Neale and Devin Willis (Modern Kung-Fu). I own a company and love teaching martial arts. I feel blessed and continue to learn and look forward to travel and train with Devin and Damon soon in Utah.

Devin has informed me recently, Damon has won a local Pankration matches. He won by two submissions and a 3 round decision He has been training with a great teacher Chuck Costello.

According to his biography on L.A Boxing, he is a :

“4th degree black belt in Pankration under Master Sgt. Luis De La Rosa *Founding member and senior referee for the Amateur Pankration League *Certified MMA and grappling instructor under Chris “Westsidestrangler” Brennan *Certified grappling instructor under Roy Harris and Harris International *Board of directors for the World Amateur Martial Arts International Association *Certified personal trainer *Professional fighter, coach and trainer *High Ranking in several traditional Martial Arts *Promoter and fighter manager Chuck and his fighters have competed in KOTC, the WFC, XCF, UCF, Reto Maximo, Crown Fighting Championships, Total Combat and more shows. His students are state and national Champions in Pankration as well as no-gi grappling. They have competed in California, Tijuana, Arizona, and Rocky point, Nevada, Colorado, Kentucky, Juarez and many more. Mr. Costello has trained in the martial arts his whole life.

Below is an example from one of Damon’s matches.

Devin Willis has always taught his students to keep growing and learning!


For more reading:

Pankration: Martial Art of Classical Greece By Paul McMichael Nurse, Ph.D.

Submission Fighting and the Rules of Ancient Greek WrestlingBy Christopher Miller

Modern Kung Fu History – Wetpaint

Damon Willis-MKF Instructor By

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Combat Arts Resources


Martialinfo.comThey  are committed to the entire “village” that is the world of martial arts. We are here for the fighter, the fan, the teacher, the coach, the parents, the traditionalist, the eclectic practitioner, the expert, the novice, the filmmaker, the actor, the celebrity, and the unknown master. We celebrate the diversity of our histories, of our people, of everything that is the best – of – the-best of what we do – and what we are capable of. There is something to the study  for anyone  that loves  the martial arts

Nerd World’s Martial Arts-Large Index of many martial arts related resources created by Nerd World Media. You can list your resource or Create your own account and index.

Filipino Martial Arts Resources “This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of resources, but rather a pointer to comprehensive resources for Filipino martial arts on the Internet.”

Modern Kung Fu Information-This information about resources and information about this unique but mis-understood system anything related to Mixed Martial Arts including MMA schools, MMA fight videos.“ the premier online forum in America dedicated solely to providing you with the most up-to-the-minute Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) news, match ups, event details, recaps, analysis and fighter interviews…”

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts“The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts or AEMMA, is a Toronto based non-profit corporation and has as its goals: (1) to resurrect and reconstruct historical European/Western medieval martial arts; (2) to provide instruction and training in developing personal defensive and offensive skills based on our research of the martial arts techniques of historical Europe. ”  – The site includes an incredible database of information organized by century.

Mike’s Martial Arts Resource Page– Mike talks  shares resources and training experinces  from “..Northern Shaolin Ch’uan (Bei Shao Lin Quan), Taichi Ch’uan (Taiji Quan), and other systems of Chinese arts. and..

My former fencing salle, Martinez Academy of Arms, offers instruction in European martial arts, particularly classical fencing and historical swordsmanship of the French, Italian, and Spanish traditions and systems.

My former karate dojang, Lawrenceville School Karate, which was affiliated with the World Tang Soo Do Association, can be reached via the New Jersey address listed on the site. I had the honor of serving as an assistant instructor while I attended that school.

FightingArts Reading Room Hase a excellent martial arts library of a 1000 + articles, topics and reference materials on karate, taekwondo,kung fu, taekwondo, aikido, judo, ju jitsu, ect

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Study of Speed In Throwing Arts

Laboratory of Sport and Health, Faculty of Sciences Sport and Physical Education, France.  seem to support what I have learned in the throwing arts. I also found this inRamdane Almansba post in Judo-the-Blog It Stated the following:

The aim of this work was to verify if there was a difference in throwing speed performance between heavier

and lighter weight categories in judo. Sixteen judoists aged 18±3 years-old, eight considered in the light weight category (-73 kg) and eight considered in the heavy weight category (+73 kg) participated in the study. A force/velocity test was used to determine the anaerobic power, strength, and pedal speed for each subject. Three trials of Nage-komi exercise, each comprised of 15s sets of Osoto-g

ari, Uchi-mata and Ippon-seoi-nage throws were performed by each subject to ascertain throwing speed. Throws within the sets were intersected by one period of 3 minute passive rest while the trials were separated by one period of 10 minute passive rest. Heart rate and the greatest number of throws within each set were measured for three trials.
We use

d an ANOVA to compare the number of throws between the two weight categories and a

“Student” test when the difference was significant. A correlation was used to examine the link between the different parameters.

show that in the force/velocity test pedal speed did not differ between the two categories. However, there was a significant difference between the two categories when throwing speed was measured by the number of throws executed during the Ippon-seoi-nage and Uchi-mata, but there was no significant difference between the two categories for Osoto-gari.

Our study showed that the throwing speed of judoists represented by number of throws appears to be significantly different between the two categories. The lighter category has more speed than the heavier c ategory using arm technique (Ippon-seoi-nage), while the heavier category has more speed using leg technique with half turn of the attacker’s body (Uchi-mata). As a result, throwing speed is related to the type of technique used and not weight category…”


More Resources;

Sanshou + Modern Kung Fu?— James–Modern Kung fu

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Chatting With Mr. “Devin Willis”

I had a chance to talk with Devin on the phone last night and enjoyed it a lot!

When did you start your martial arts training?


My father  Donald Willis was my first instructor. He liked boxing a lot and some Judo. He taught me the basics of judo and boxing when I was very young…(no gi)

Later I would train in American Kenpo , Shotokan Karate  and Kung fu. In the later years I trained with Master David Lee in Modern Kung fu and became a teacher for him in San Jose California. I have had many teachers over the years, because I am always learning.

Through Family and friends  I met other martial artists like Ed Parker. (Not just karate people but boxers , wrestlers, aikido, judo…etc. In fact Damon(His brother) has trained with world class instructors, but keeps training with me(I noted this seemed to humble Devin)

It was a very interesting time. I met Mr. Parker of Kenpo and what a great man he was and I learned a lot by talking and listening. He was a good example of leadership in the Martial Arts AND is missed.

More to come-


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Damon Willis-MKF Instructor

Damon Willis, Who is well versed in many martial arts systems Modern Kung Fu and Willis Modern Combatives and is an Muay Thai Assistant Instructor under Master Toddy. He owns a gym in Utah, where he currently trains with(His Instructors)

I know Devin has told me that he considers him an Instuctor in MKF.

Above is Damon being interviewed at his gym

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The MMA Post list top MMA blogs.

The MMA Post is still fairly new to the MMA blogging community, but they listed their top ten MMA blogs.Below are a few examples;0)

Punch Kick Choke– One of the first MMA blogs I started paying attention to. If you’re an aspiring fighter then this is where you need to be. Instructional videos and training tips are the highlights of this wonderful blog.

Yahoo MMA Experts Blog– With familiar and respected names in the MMA community like Dave Meltzer, Kevin Iole, Dave Doyle and Steve Cofield contributing to make up this blog, it should be in every MMA fan’s bookmarks.

6. MMA Mania- MMA Mania has a large dedicated community thanks to quality writing and exclusive fighter interviews. Their fight breakdowns and predictions are always good reads.

MMA Junkie– Basically the online “New York Times” of our beloved sport.

for list visit- Top 10 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Blogs- (

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Let Us Uphold These Obligations as Instructors

I know my fellow Instructors, who have taught Law enforcement with Instructor Calasanz Martinez. He wrote :

“..officers have no time to waste with useless techniques in their martial arts training. What they need is something that works and the conditioning and stamina to execute these techniques in a high intensity confrontation….

Martinez. further wrote “…It is the obligation of a marital arts instructor to prepare not only police officers, but also the general public, for such unhealthy or life-threatening confrontations. Unfortunately, some martial artists are making a lot of money marketing a lot of empty promises…”

I agree %100 , let us uphold these obligations.

SourceMartial Arts Schools for Law Enforcment Officers Posted: 02-08-2008

Resources And Learn More About Related Subjects

Finding A Martial Arts Instructor By Gene Roos-( -“..Finding a legitimate martial arts instructor is not often easy. Most beginning students just don’t know enough to judge what they should be looking for and what to avoid. This article has great  suggestions.

Leadership and The Martial Arts -by Sensei Robert M. Carver-(  “…  As Martial Art Instructors, we have unique challenges in our responsibilities toward our students. It is no longer enough that we are proficient in kicking, punching, throwing and twisting joints. These days, Instructors must be good leaders and mentors to our students, and guide them in their Martial Arts development…”This article  shows how we can become better Instructors

One Minute Entrepreneur Could help Martial Arts business– James-

I remember Training With Devin Willis And Damon Willis- MKF Warrior-

My thoughts on leadership;0)Devin Willis– July 26, 2008-“My Discoveries on the Road to Prosper and Learn Blog”

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