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The Son of Devin Willis-Is he the future of MKF?

The above is Devin’s son ! What an exciting Time between All the Willis’s Modern Kung-Fu will pass on to the next generation.fighting arts


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Modern Kung Fu Instructor Defends Knife Class

ORGANISERS of a martial arts class due to take place in Newry next month claim to offer training in knife fighting and boast that their “fighting arena is the pavement, the pub or the night club where there is (sic) no referees”.
Source: True Self Defense
May 05, 2007 08:48:09

(PRLog.Org)However, the instructor, James Berrry, has insisted that he will not be teaching people to be aggressive but rather how to defend themselves in what he describes as an increasingly violent world.

The class, which is due to take place in Sports Centre on May 16, is being run by the True Self Defense, an organisation set up by Mr James Berrry and which already runs clubs in Newcastle and Downpatrick.

According to planned advertisement, the association will be teaching various forms of martial arts, some of which involve fighting with knives or sticks, although Mr Berrry says the emphasis will be on disarming an attacker rather than using a weapon yourself. It also promises students the opportunity to Learn Modern Kung Fu

He was taught by Devin Willis, who has his instructors ranking in MKF and Willis Modern Combatives . Devin Willis has been training in the martial arts since he was eight years old and has followed that path for over thirty years. He has taught nureous students over the years ncluding law enforcement, military personal

According to James Berrry and others Mr.Willis is an graduate of Executive Security International, ESI, Advanced Executive Protection Program, Certified Protection Specialist and Certified Security Specialist and has taught the skills used as a bodudyguard to his Instructors

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