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The Son of Devin Willis-Is he the future of MKF?

The above is Devin’s son ! What an exciting Time between All the Willis’s Modern Kung-Fu will pass on to the next generation.fighting arts


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Combat Arts Resources


Martialinfo.comThey  are committed to the entire “village” that is the world of martial arts. We are here for the fighter, the fan, the teacher, the coach, the parents, the traditionalist, the eclectic practitioner, the expert, the novice, the filmmaker, the actor, the celebrity, and the unknown master. We celebrate the diversity of our histories, of our people, of everything that is the best – of – the-best of what we do – and what we are capable of. There is something to the study  for anyone  that loves  the martial arts

Nerd World’s Martial Arts-Large Index of many martial arts related resources created by Nerd World Media. You can list your resource or Create your own account and index.

Filipino Martial Arts Resources “This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of resources, but rather a pointer to comprehensive resources for Filipino martial arts on the Internet.”

Modern Kung Fu Information-This information about resources and information about this unique but mis-understood system anything related to Mixed Martial Arts including MMA schools, MMA fight videos.“ the premier online forum in America dedicated solely to providing you with the most up-to-the-minute Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) news, match ups, event details, recaps, analysis and fighter interviews…”

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts“The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts or AEMMA, is a Toronto based non-profit corporation and has as its goals: (1) to resurrect and reconstruct historical European/Western medieval martial arts; (2) to provide instruction and training in developing personal defensive and offensive skills based on our research of the martial arts techniques of historical Europe. ”  – The site includes an incredible database of information organized by century.

Mike’s Martial Arts Resource Page– Mike talks  shares resources and training experinces  from “..Northern Shaolin Ch’uan (Bei Shao Lin Quan), Taichi Ch’uan (Taiji Quan), and other systems of Chinese arts. and..

My former fencing salle, Martinez Academy of Arms, offers instruction in European martial arts, particularly classical fencing and historical swordsmanship of the French, Italian, and Spanish traditions and systems.

My former karate dojang, Lawrenceville School Karate, which was affiliated with the World Tang Soo Do Association, can be reached via the New Jersey address listed on the site. I had the honor of serving as an assistant instructor while I attended that school.

FightingArts Reading Room Hase a excellent martial arts library of a 1000 + articles, topics and reference materials on karate, taekwondo,kung fu, taekwondo, aikido, judo, ju jitsu, ect

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Chatting With Mr. “Devin Willis”

I had a chance to talk with Devin on the phone last night and enjoyed it a lot!

When did you start your martial arts training?


My father  Donald Willis was my first instructor. He liked boxing a lot and some Judo. He taught me the basics of judo and boxing when I was very young…(no gi)

Later I would train in American Kenpo , Shotokan Karate  and Kung fu. In the later years I trained with Master David Lee in Modern Kung fu and became a teacher for him in San Jose California. I have had many teachers over the years, because I am always learning.

Through Family and friends  I met other martial artists like Ed Parker. (Not just karate people but boxers , wrestlers, aikido, judo…etc. In fact Damon(His brother) has trained with world class instructors, but keeps training with me(I noted this seemed to humble Devin)

It was a very interesting time. I met Mr. Parker of Kenpo and what a great man he was and I learned a lot by talking and listening. He was a good example of leadership in the Martial Arts AND is missed.

More to come-


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Devin Willis +Defensive Tactics

An ESI Graduate ,Agent C.T Wrote the following:

“…I worked from about 1987-1991 Devin Willis was hired as an instructor in about 1991 and taught us for about a year before leaving for a Protection (Bodyguard) career

Mr. Devin Willis “There is a difference between martial arts (such as Aikido or Modern Kung Fu) and Defensive Tactics- he loved them both and both have uses.

D.T- Must Emphasize speed, simplicity and effectiveness. can not take years to perfect.It MUST focus is on real world self-defense (real cases of violence against agents or officers) empty-hand tactics, striking tactics, handcuffing, baton tactics, Person searches, falling and ground tactics, edged weapon , Tear gas tactics, handgun retention or handgun disarming, armed attacks etc

Some examples are located below

Martial Arts– takes time to learn and practice, most of us while practicing M.A do not worry about a handgun being strapped to our hip or ankle.

We do not worry about rolling around on the ground with a guy hyped on drugs reaching for the gun. While trying to punch you in the face.

With that said I do think after years of study and working out in the field you will learn quickly what will work and what will not and become effective at protecting yourself.

According to my notes we covered:

Joint Controls – the effective use of joint manipulation both in a defensive and as a control for escorting a suspect capacity.

Impact Weapons-cover the standard and advanced use of common impact and control weapons used in that era. These will include the expandable baton and the Guardian.

Effective Use of Strikes– nontraditional strikes as a defensive tool. A major focus will be placed on stun strikes.

Defense Against Weapons -focused on defending against an edged/blunt weapons designed to disarm the attacker. We also learned disarming persons armed with a gun. We learned effective movements for both handguns and long guns.

Ground Defenses-l dealt with defenses on the ground and techniques to escape and control while on the ground.He called it the W.EB

It is good to read that Mr. Devin Willis is doing well and that Darin Williams is also doing GREAT! I plan on contacting Darin , letting him know the things taught to me through his company has made me a better protection agent …”

I rember when this was going on and Devin loved training Security and law enforcement.



Defensive Tactics at Select Patrol-Agent C.T
ESI Graduate

I remember Training With Devin Willis And Damon WillisModern kungfu Wetpaint com

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Modern Kung Fu Reading Resources

 Frequent Reading_

What Makes an Effective Instructor in the Combative Realm?
Jason M. Winkle, Ph.D.

Martial Arts Reading Room and Knowledge Base Presnted by (Also note Devin Willis’s Profile)

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Shuai Chaio and Chin NA In MKF

According to Devin Willis , “..Master David Lee was taught Shuai Chaio(Shuai Jiao), not Akido It also had entailed Chin Na. also, we were taught to also had strike as we to enter. In Shuai Chaio the main goal is to throw the opponent hard, at a very akward angles, and possibly breaking something along the way of the throw.

I was taught by my Instructor that Shuai-chiao was used by the bodyguards to the chinese emporers.

Our “drills”consited of full contact sparing , with the understanding a takedown was considered any part
of the body, other than the feet, touching the ground. You only got points for a clean throw, you had to remain on your feet and couldn’t be dragged down as well.

Also, once the two competitors “locked up” or made physical contact to initiate/repel, resist, we were given 4 count, if noone had been thrown the competitors were
seperated thus you had to go for the quick clean throw.

Many of the throws are similar to Judo, but sacracfice techniques are not used in sport version of Shuai Chaio (since whoever hits the ground first loses points). It is also illegal in sport Shuai Jiao to throw opponents with techniques that lock the joints.However , used Chin na and worked with joint locks..”
But in It is also illegal in street Shuai Chaio to throw opponents with techniques that lock the joints to break as they are thrown is  the version taught in MKF.


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I have always wondered if Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo and Master Lee ever crossed paths?

     San Soo kung fu is one of the most effective systems for self defense. Modern Kung fu is also known as an effective system.

I have always wondered if Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo and Master Lee ever crossed paths? Devin was never sure
Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo brought the art of San Soo kung fu to America in

around the 1930’s and was the first Chinese to teach non-Asians. From when he

opened his El Monte, CA school in 1958 until his death in 1991, he taught

thousands of fighters what many Martial artists consider the most brutally effective

martial art existing today. I have started to study it the last year and Modern Kung fu seems to perhaps mimic it in many ways?

-kicks and punches, leverages (chin-na), mauling and grappling techniques,

classical (staff, tri-sectional, knife, ) and


-unorthodox (chair, shoe, belt, etc.) weaponry, sweeps, throws, and

take-downs, and pressure point or nervous system strikes.


San Soo kung fu and Modern Kung fu are attack-based, first-strike-mentality art unfettered by sport and aesthetic considerations. Eye gouges , joint and neck breaks, biting, and many other “unethical” strikes are the san soo practitioner’s bread and butter. We believe fighting is not a game, but brutal, ugly, nasty business.

As the great warrior Miyamoto Musashi said, our sole intent is to step in and kill the enemy.

There is no other consideration. Since any martial artist will fight

exactly as he has trained, we never train with rules but with deadly

serious intent and a healthy respect for not only our partners, but for

every human being. True san soo kung fu is not for everyone; only for

those who are serious about real-life self defense against one or more

attackers, armed or unarmed. No silly animal postures. No endless

breathing exercises. Just the scientific study of street-fighting

principles and psychology. One of the reasons I had to leave Devin because of his religion of Mormonism, His Instructor Don Neal was a Lay Pastor and my current instructor is also a Christian(what is a Christian?.)

For more information on San Soo kung fu, you can contact

Master Mark Colby

Contact him by email at:


or through his website at this link

P.s-Devin was an awesome man, teacher and fighter. He was just unsaved.

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Sambo, Judo, BJJ, Catch Wrestling vs MKF’s grappling skills???

My thoughts on a question that was posted about Sambo, Judo, BJJ, Catch Wrestling vs Devin’s grappling skills???

The question has been answered on how MKF does against the different type opponents (small examples see detail here and here) I do understand an instructor in Modern Kung Fu was beaten by a Gracie (Royce) in the eary 90’s . Since then Most MKF families have enchanced the ground game. However Devin has kept to his training as he always been taught.

If one was to watch Devin Willis or a person who trained with him was to us grappling skills only . It would seem as a modifed Greco-Roman , Freestyle wrestling, Shuai Chiao and Judo . clinching, takedowns and throws,

Note Devin always taught to soften with strikes using modifed Muay Thai, boxing Kenpo to improve the striking aspect of the clinch.

On the Ground:  a mkf person uses modifed Chin na Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shoot wrestling, catch wrestling, Judo, and Sambo are trained to improve submission holds, and defense against them. we use  the WEB to tied opponents arms up. Other people have thoutht Devin used modified Jiu-Jitsu, pankration, and styles of amateur wrestling are trained to improve positioning and maintain ground control . They are correct

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Sanshou + Modern Kung Fu?

I had studied Sanshou or Sanda for over 15 years and Devin threw me aouound like a baby.which is humbling-Sanshou modern Chinese hand to hand combat, self-defense system, and combat sport. Rather seen as an independent style it is consider just one of the components of chinese martial arts and is normally taught alongside other wushu.

The term Sanda has a longer history and is more commonly used. Sanshou was the official name given to the martial art when it was formalized and standardized by the Chinese government. Later the official name reverted back to Sanda.

It is composed of some aspects of traditional martial arts fighting styles in China, but mainly based on scientific one on one combat efficiency. Sanshou is composed of chinese martial arts applications inculding most aspects of combat including striking and grappling. Sanda tournaments are one of the two sport wushu disciplines recognized by the International Wushu Federation

As an unarmed self-defense system, Sanshou includes punches, kicks and grappling (throws, locks, chokes)

Mr. Devin Willis seems to use a more effective Sanshou-He just called MKF

Some Sanda (Sanshou) fighters who are well-known in the U.S.A. include the IKF champion Cung Le, Rudi Ott, and Marvin Perry. Some well-known Sanda fighters within China itself include Yuan Yubao and Liu Hailong who was once called “The Conqueror of Muay Thai”.

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My Notes from Master Devin Willis(he would decline the title)

I was lucky to train with Devin Willis (this is based on a tape recording from 1989

Here you’ll learn all about MKF: The Main goal in MKF as in Most styles of martial arts is to become a better human being. We learn for defense of different zones, 1-5 the Modern Kung-Fu community utilizes the following breakdown grapplingrange, trapping range, punching range, and kicking range. names are merely labels, though. In punching range, you can punch if you would like, or you might do anything else (such as an eye-strike) which would work efficiently within that range. The number of categories that is used are also optional.In MKF you might use anything from two to five categories. I t was not recommend more than four or five, though, because you lose the simplicity that is so important to fighting successfully. It’s kind of like deciding how many slices to cut in one pizza – you still have only one pizza no matter how many slices you make. After deciding what ranges of combat that you are going to use, you must assign all of your fighting techniques to a particular rang The following are examples of how you might classify possible ranges of combat: 1 RANGES
(Devin’s variation of MKF): grappling (WEB) range, trapping range. 2 RANGES: short-range, long-range 3 RANGES: short-range, middle-range, long-range 4 RANGES (MKF): grappling range, trapping range, punching range, kicking range 5 RANGES (my variation of MKF shooting(firearms) range In a fight, as you shift from one range to another, you would choose a movement that falls within your current range . I nor any true martial artist should claim their way is the best for everyone rather their choice of a martial arts is the best for them. for more please read

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