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Double Leg Takedown

This was a take down We used to drill over and over:Mr Devin Willis would

Here’s a nice step-by-step illustration. on This was a take down We used to drill over and over:Mr Devin Willis would 

 STEP 2 they talk about changing elevation, or more commonly known as a level change. Very important – Bend at the knees, not your back. And dont lead with your face. His posture is excellent.

However, take a look at his right leg. That forward step should actually as deep between his opponents legs as possible. More on this in step 3.

STEP 3 shows your position as you make contact. Kale has his left hand behind the knee, and the right hand is around his partners waist. This is text book positioning. BUT…

Remember my comment about taking that big step as far as possible between your opponents legs? Here’s why…

If you step deeply between the legs when you make contact you will unbalance your opponent, making the takedown easier. The initial “bump” is very important. And when you make contact, you should still be driving forward.

In STEPS 4 and 5 , Kale completes the shoot by continuing to bring the left foot foward and turning the corner (STEP 5). And as you can see, in STEP 6 the takedown is complete.

In STEP 5 Kale could have done a pick up and slam, but that requires more power than turning the corner. I personally prefer turning the corner rather then a pick up.

 Also  make  penetration into a  leg as well. If it falls short is when we worry about stepping around with the outside leg for a hook to take him backwards or a base to dump him sideways. A good, deep step initially will make everything a lot easier

Devin believed  wrestler cannot run as fast or move as fast on his knees, butt, back, sides etc. as he can while he is on his feet. Shooting takedowns and staying on your knees will stop your motion. he was not saying you should not shoot to your knees. However, don’t stay there if you cannot finish quickly while there. Learn to hit on the knee and get off of it quickly or work on your takedown technique by not going to your knees. We found we had more success by not allowing our wrestlers to go to their knees on double leg and single leg takedowns. Their technique for the setups and penetration was much better by doing this. We did allow them to go to their knees while doing fireman’s carries.  see- 


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