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About Me?

My name is James and I want to share my thoughts on Modern Kung Fu. A fellow Instructor has an open Blog  and I have written for him. I have tracked down Devin Willis and He might Write some  for this Blog.

My name is Devin Willis and James has asked me to do some writing .



  1. Like you I started off my Martial Arts career at 5 years of age. I grew up watching Kung Fu theater and my pop’s signed me up for Kung Fu . After that time, I went on to the ever so popular Tae Kwon Do and then High School wrestling. After an LDS Mission to Teas , I decided to join the the United States Army where, assigned to the 4th Psychological Operations Group , I served 17 months in Kuwait and on the borders of Iraq in full combat during Operation Desert Storm.
    After My discharg from the Army, I went on a deep quest to find the best of all martial arts systems. This led me to various combative styles such as Boxing, Sambo, Shootfighting, American Combatives, Krav Maga, in which he started to get more of a perspective on combatives and how it can be used by everyone, including military and law enforcement personnel.

    Traveling further into the martial arts and self defense community I found the closet with Devin Willis and Modern Kung fu( Now appers to be Willis Modern Combatives)

    MKF-is a system that , MKF is for defense of different zones, 1-5 the Modern Kung-Fu community utilizes the following breakdown grappling range, trapping range, punching range, and kicking range. Names are merely labels, though. In punching range, you can punch if you would like, or you might do anything else (such as an eye-strike) that would work efficiently within that range. The number of categories that is used is also optional. In MKF, is known for its ability to adapt to different attacks and defense. The goal of a student is that he/she can defend themselves from any position. This system does not believe in any set techniques, instead it holds to studying movement of the human body

    I was allowed to come at Devin at any angle unarmed and then Damon gave me a blade(sharp and dared me to go after Devin Willis,before I knew it on all occations I was down trying to figure out what had happened it humbled me, even today. It must be noted we also covered sensitivity training, ground combat, street defenses, sparring, and weapons training so effective, it humbled me, that Devin and Damon were so humble as well.

    I am now an instructor in Devin Willis’s MKF. I am privileged and honored to be have been a student of Don Neal, a longtime private student of Mr. Willis’s. Mr. Neal Started in Boxing, Hapkido and Kenpo in the early 80’s, he has trained consistently in Martial arts but mainly MKF for over 27 years. He severd in the Military working closely with protection details, this experience has led to specializing in grafting MKF self-defense ways with contact manipulation, contact immobilization, contact control, and releases. This is also reflected in his use of the weapon use for similar applications.

    Comment by MKFMARTIALARTIST | July 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. Devin Tied me up in knots;0) but in Judo or Wrestling I kick his butt;0)

    Comment by Mitch | July 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. Wow – Just wanted to say that I am happy to have found your site! Thanks for all the great resources 🙂

    Comment by Craig S. Kiessling | October 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. ÇİNBOKSU MODERN KUNGFU SİFU EREN ERTEKİN may have be part of your Kung fu tree.

    Comment by Lee Qlekarl. | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  5. James – I’d like to swap links but can’t find your contact info. Please shoot me an email.


    Comment by Elite MMA | November 11, 2009 | Reply

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