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A Day of Training in the 90’s

hanegoshiI remember one day sparring with Devin Willis , He let me attack at any level of intensity I choose to use. My attacks, were full contact with high intensity, which Devin had problem dealing with in all ranges. As the sparring pursued, he started to land some blows of his own to my legs then some punches , next thing I knew he thew me with a Ippon Seio Nage to the ground .

I got back up , got ready noticed and we started banging hard, I made contact with one punch then I tried to kick and I think he swept me with a modified De Ashi Harai (Barai) which resulted me back on the ground with Devin on top pining me so I could not move. He started hitting me with light contact, so I tapped–Just another day traing and learning MKF



June 16, 2009 Posted by | devin willis | | 2 Comments