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Damon Willis in Pankration

I have been lucky! a student of Don Neale and Devin Willis (Modern Kung-Fu). I own a company and love teaching martial arts. I feel blessed and continue to learn and look forward to travel and train with Devin and Damon soon in Utah.

Devin has informed me recently, Damon has won a local Pankration matches. He won by two submissions and a 3 round decision He has been training with a great teacher Chuck Costello.

According to his biography on L.A Boxing, he is a :

“4th degree black belt in Pankration under Master Sgt. Luis De La Rosa *Founding member and senior referee for the Amateur Pankration League *Certified MMA and grappling instructor under Chris “Westsidestrangler” Brennan *Certified grappling instructor under Roy Harris and Harris International *Board of directors for the World Amateur Martial Arts International Association *Certified personal trainer *Professional fighter, coach and trainer *High Ranking in several traditional Martial Arts *Promoter and fighter manager Chuck and his fighters have competed in KOTC, the WFC, XCF, UCF, Reto Maximo, Crown Fighting Championships, Total Combat and more shows. His students are state and national Champions in Pankration as well as no-gi grappling. They have competed in California, Tijuana, Arizona, and Rocky point, Nevada, Colorado, Kentucky, Juarez and many more. Mr. Costello has trained in the martial arts his whole life.

Below is an example from one of Damon’s matches.

Devin Willis has always taught his students to keep growing and learning!


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