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Martial Arts” wrote about “,, former ballerina and stunt woman has turned her love of martial arts into an empire

One step Barnes’s took was “…. the phrase she coined–“positive dialogue response,” meaning motivating children with praise rather than fear–worldwide. She has written instructors manuals and produced DVDs used by teachers worldwide, she spreads her teachings by speaking at national conventions, and she has written a new children’s book series–soon to be turned into a feature film–titled The Black Belt Club. Says Barnes, “If one seed of self-esteem can be planted in one child, that child is going to grow up and make a difference for other people…“Karate Kids , “This former ballerina and stunt woman has turned her love of martial arts into an empire.” By Sara Wilson


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Sheng Chi Training Center and Social Entrepreneurship

“WOW Factor!”

There is an ongoing discussion over precisely what is social entrepreneurship and who is a social entrepreneur.

“…The effort to provide training to veterans was suggested by martial artist Tom Callos. Mr. Callos has been a consultant to the martial arts industry for ten years and advocates what he calls social entrepreneurship. Essentially social entrepreneurs measure their bottom line not on profits but on their impact to their community. The Sheng Chi Training Center follows the concepts of social entrepreneurship.

The program is funded by the Sheng Chi Foundation. The Sheng Chi Foundation is a California non-profit public benefit corporation based in Valley Springs which was founded by Phil and Liz Weaver to help bring the benefits of martial arts training to those who need it most. This includes at-risk youth, veterans, and other individuals in need of physical and mental development. Information on the Sheng Chi Foundation can be found at and donations can be sent to 139 Main St. Valley Springs.( see )

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One Minute Entrepreneur + Martial Arts business Could help

Martial Arts” wrote “…A martial arts school can be an expensive new business venture to set in motion. However, the average cost now paid by a student per year for martial arts training is in excess of $600. Providing the business could train 200 students per year, this would result in revenues exceeding $120,000, based on an average of $600 per year per student. Needless to say, this type of specialized instruction can be very financially lucrative. In addition to group training, one-on-one martial arts training is also becoming popular for the serious student who is prepared to pay $40 per hour or more for an intensive training session..” see Business Idea Center: Martial Arts

Ethan Willis and Randy Garn knew firsthand the need of many young owners for personalized guidance in starting and growing a business. This is the spark that led them to found Prosper Learning (Prosper Inc.), whose motto is, “Your life is your business . . . Making it Prosper is ours.”(see CNET Networks, Inc ref Provo company works to make clients Prosper Deseret News (Salt Lake City),  Jun 26, 2005)

When I talked with Devin, he explained that these teachings, have helped martial artists along the way! I hope to train with him soon. I would also like to  meet up with Ethan  and Randy and share my thoughts!


Entrepreneurship Resource a ect For us- Martial Artists

INC.COM-Small business resources for the entrepreneur, home based business, advice and ideas for starting a business, writing a business plan, management

The Top Blogs for EntrepreneursFrom

My Discoveries on the Road to Prosper and Learn By Devin Willis

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Free Advice From Prosper Learning and Others

Great Places!!!

Saving Advice-a personal finance website created specifically to show you different ways to save money. No matter what your current financial situation, there is plenty of information on this site to help you achieve your money goals.
Grocery Coupon Guide: This site goes into depth on saving money with grocery coupons. It gives hints and tips in a number of grocery shopping areas so that you can shed over $$$$off your current grocery bill.
Frugal Gardening: A site dedicated to show you how to save money and reduce costs while still growing a beautiful garden.

Resources  to read Saving Advice Blob

Prosper learning‘s Coach Gail Long  Posted the following

“…Just as the Boy Scouts have “Be Prepared” as a motto, we need to have a Prepared Pantry. This is not just for major disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or earthquakes; it can be as simple as an increase in gas prices, loss of a job, or even no overtime at your job. In these uncertain times it is necessary to build and maintain our pantries so we can always feed our families. It may not be their favorite meal, but no one wants their family members to go hungry. Each family is different and has unique food needs.

FEMA has lots of additional information on preparedness, for additional information from them go to
Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (IS-22) is FEMA’s most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness. The guide has been revised, updated, and enhanced in August 2004 to provide the public with the most current and up-to-date disaster preparedness information available.

We as martial arts instructors teach to be prepared and this should not just be from psyscal danger.

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Ethan Willis and E-strengths assessment helps Martial Artists

You’ll discover your own strengths and passions in this quick E-strengths assessment. The insight you may really help improve your success. If you are teaching at your own school or gym (or want to) You are already an entrepreneur, or in the process of becoming one–you just need a little guidance to finish the task.

Take your E-strengths assessment and is FREE The online  Assessment is designed to identify your  strengths and weaknesses. And youreself will see how it could help you with your students. I did and found it useful. Let me know what you think!

I will pass it along!


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Ethan Willis-Great Author and Warrior

Ethan Willis was about 14yrs old when I knew him. Even then this young( Willis trained) fighter had and appears all the attributes of a great warrior– smarts, strength, endurance, explosive power, personal drive, willingness to work hard Read this Martial arts blog about Ethan Willis

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Research, Your Best MKF learning Resource!


Have you ever set out to search online searching for training resources in subjects such as warrior arts , street combat, self defense, martial arts.

Info and Reference – Have fun looking at how the world around us  and find martial arts. you can search the internet for martial arts related items or for anything else of interest.

Devin Willis’s Proven Research Resources That,  produce positive results !

Other places to places to check are the following: Willis Modern Combative Arts , Douglas Hess’s Martial Arts search engine and

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Modern Kung Fu Reading Resources

 Frequent Reading_

What Makes an Effective Instructor in the Combative Realm?
Jason M. Winkle, Ph.D.

Martial Arts Reading Room and Knowledge Base Presnted by (Also note Devin Willis’s Profile)

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