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Devin Willis’s approach/simple defense against a thai clinch

Devin Willis taught us  “..A simple defense against a thai clinch is pushing your opponent’s chin ito gain a clinch on him to set up a trip or transition to a throw”

 This works well and I have used it over and over!pushing your opponent’s chin ito gain

Steps are as follow:

1) thai clinch
2)headlock (this is very momentary and as soonas this is applied you back should be halfway through applying rule 3)
3)throw over your hips
4)slam him as hard as you can


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  1. Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Mr David Lee also taught closeley what Great Thai Clinch Articlethis article covered

    “The Thai clinch is just one of many clinching techniques. It’s important to know them, and be able to use and counter them. Most fights involve some grappling, and those who don’t know it are likely to be a victim of that ignorance.”

    I remeber visiting from Fremont Californa and Meeting a 14 year Devin Willis and now it seems James you and others give him more respect the Master Lee and this sickens my heart. I think Devin is a good man but Master Lee is his teacher. Please rember that!


    Comment by MKF KING | July 13, 2008 | Reply

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