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I have always wondered if Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo and Master Lee ever crossed paths?

     San Soo kung fu is one of the most effective systems for self defense. Modern Kung fu is also known as an effective system.

I have always wondered if Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo and Master Lee ever crossed paths? Devin was never sure
Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo brought the art of San Soo kung fu to America in

around the 1930’s and was the first Chinese to teach non-Asians. From when he

opened his El Monte, CA school in 1958 until his death in 1991, he taught

thousands of fighters what many Martial artists consider the most brutally effective

martial art existing today. I have started to study it the last year and Modern Kung fu seems to perhaps mimic it in many ways?

-kicks and punches, leverages (chin-na), mauling and grappling techniques,

classical (staff, tri-sectional, knife, ) and


-unorthodox (chair, shoe, belt, etc.) weaponry, sweeps, throws, and

take-downs, and pressure point or nervous system strikes.


San Soo kung fu and Modern Kung fu are attack-based, first-strike-mentality art unfettered by sport and aesthetic considerations. Eye gouges , joint and neck breaks, biting, and many other “unethical” strikes are the san soo practitioner’s bread and butter. We believe fighting is not a game, but brutal, ugly, nasty business.

As the great warrior Miyamoto Musashi said, our sole intent is to step in and kill the enemy.

There is no other consideration. Since any martial artist will fight

exactly as he has trained, we never train with rules but with deadly

serious intent and a healthy respect for not only our partners, but for

every human being. True san soo kung fu is not for everyone; only for

those who are serious about real-life self defense against one or more

attackers, armed or unarmed. No silly animal postures. No endless

breathing exercises. Just the scientific study of street-fighting

principles and psychology. One of the reasons I had to leave Devin because of his religion of Mormonism, His Instructor Don Neal was a Lay Pastor and my current instructor is also a Christian(what is a Christian?.)

For more information on San Soo kung fu, you can contact

Master Mark Colby

Contact him by email at:


or through his website at this link

P.s-Devin was an awesome man, teacher and fighter. He was just unsaved.


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  1. I also have trained in San Soo kung fu UNDER Master Dave Hopkins and Modern kung Fu under Robert McKim located in the Bay Area!

    Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems or S.C.A.R.S. is a martial arts fighting system/combative created by Jerry L. Peterson, based in part on his background in San Soo kung fu and from his personal experiences in the Vietnam War.

    It seems Modern Kung Fu was very similar to the SCARS program. I wonder why that is ? Did Jerry L. Peterson, know the founder of Modern Kung Fu?

    Is SCARS a “RIPOFF.COM From Devin Wiilis?or RIPOFF.COM FROM Master Lee? or from my instructor Master JK Mc Kim(MKF)?

    Comment by Mark Benson | September 23, 2007 | Reply

  2. San Shou , which seems to be involved in your training with Mr. Devin Willis. I have studied San Shou and our system was developed by the Chinese military based upon intense study of various methods or systems and combined with modern advanced in sports medicine and effective combat training methodology. I am going to the Provo area is there any way I can meet Mr.Devin Willis and train?

    Corey Curopas

    Well here’s some examples below

    And here’s a match with Liu Hailong. (2 parts)

    Comment by Corey Curopas | March 10, 2008 | Reply

  3. Much respect. I’m looking for your student Goes by Matt VERY IMPORTANT thank you for all you do. L&R’s Donny66

    Comment by donny tanner | November 3, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by donny tanner | November 3, 2008 | Reply

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