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Defensive Tactics and Modern Kung Fu

Devin Willis taught Security and protection agents, how to survive if they had to defend themselves. I was there during his classes, most of the time being there “dummy”. Below are a very basic thought process of Devin. .

There is a difference between martial arts and Defensive Tactics- do not get me wrong , I love them both and think both have uses. Let me share my humble opinion.

Defensive Tactics– Must Emphasize speed, simplicity and effectiveness. can not take years to perfect.It MUST focus is on real world self-defense (real cases of violence against agents or officers) empty-hand tactics, striking tactics, handcuffing, baton tactics, Person searches, falling and ground tactics, edged weapon , Tear gas tactics, handgun retention or handgun disarming, armed attacks etc

Some exampes are located at – Defensive tactics courses

Certified Defensive Tactics Courses Modern Warrior

Martial Arts- Which I love as well;0) but takes time to learn and practice, most of us while practicing M.A do not worry about a handgun being strapped to our hip or ankle.

We do not worry about rolling around on the ground with a guy hyped on drugs reaching for the gun. While trying to punch you in the face.

With that said I do think after years of study and working out in the field you will learn quickly what will work and what will not and become effective at protecting yourself.

Please refer to:

Use of Force Tactics and No lethal Weapons, paper published by Americans for Effective in Law Enforcement, in 1988.

Non-lethal Weapons: A Survey of Officers, published by Defensive Tactics Newsletter in Lakeland, FL: ISC Division of Wellness, in April 1993, vol. II, number 4;

The sad truth  officers and protection agents must pay out of their own pocket to get great training. Most departments/clients do not have it in the budget.
This is Based on recording and notes  from Devin Willis 1991 class and a fourm notes  he had had posted


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  1. Interesting read!

    Comment by Bill Jameston | June 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. I am 2o year law enforcement veteran who retired at the rank of Lieutenant. I was a member of SJPD Agency’s SWAT Team and spent 12 years as its training officer. MKF combative’s and found works!!! I have tried them all and trained with most program TRS offers. Modern Kung Fu Combatives beats them all. I state the above as my personal opinon

    Comment by Robert | October 20, 2007 | Reply

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