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Total Combat!

Master David Lee

In San Jose, California during the early 1970s a method of combat by the name of Modern Kung Fu which also means “New Hard Task” or “New Work”. The founder name was Master David Lee.

Master Lee had studied many different systems of martial arts in China starting as a very young boy. Some were Pa kua chang, China’s wrestling, Shaolin (martial arts) Hung Gar, Monkey, Eagle Claw, Crane, Drunken Monkey, Tiger, Mantis.

The Main goal in MKF as in most styles of martial arts is to become a better human being. MKF is for defense of different zones, 1-5 the Modern Kung-Fu community utilizes the following breakdown grappling range, trapping range, punching range, and kicking range. Names are merely labels, though. In punching range, you can punch if you would like, or you might do anything else (such as an eye-strike) that would work efficiently within that range. The number of categories that is used is also optional.

In MKF, is known for its ability to adapt to different attacks and defense. The goal of a student is that he/she can defend themselves from any position. This system does not believe in any set techniques, instead it holds to studying movement of the human body


May 20, 2007 - Posted by | david lee


  1. Mater Lee used to teach preservation of the art is not frowned upon. If you attempt to gain fighting ability from composing such a form, you might be barking up the wrong tree; however, I don’t think the study of Hammer, Thrust, and Whip, was developed to negate forms.(I’m defending forms on another thread)
    SeanCollecting for the only purpose of being a collector is a waste.
    When you learn a form, you’re supposed to use it as a tool to elevate other skills, basics, etc. Doing a form is not just for doing a form.
    Forms are an exercise for practicing other skills.
    So when I do Long 2, for instance, I’m paying careful Attention to one specific thing I want to work on; My stances throughout. Or my breathing. Or being relaxed. Etc.
    I don’t think of increasing fighting ability when I make forms, but I think they can help, actually.

    Of course, one could say – Forms are an expression of your basic skills. So if your forms are crap, so might b your basics (or your ability to link together techniques in the air without a partner.)
    And you could say that practicing forms over and over increases your level of fitness, coordination, and basics.
    So if 2 martial artists were alike, except one practiced forms for 20 years and the other did not, I would say the former artist had better skill.
    It’s all a matter of repetition, you know.

    Honestly, I’ve seen all 3 sides of this argument, people pro or against forms, and those who like both. They boil down to this –
    1. MA good at sparring but suck at forms.
    2. MA good at forms but suck at fighting.
    3. MA great at both.
    Frankly, MA who bad mouth either format are only doing so because they aren’t any good at one of them. It’s either testosterone-driven egotism and/or sour grapes.

    One more time:
    FORMs are expressions of your BASIC SKILLS.
    FREESTYLE (sparring) is an expression of your skill to use basics EXTEMPORANEOUSLY.
    A well-rounded MA can do both.

    I rember Devin Willis being a good student. In our small class, he was young guy back then I wonder how he is doing.

    Comment by Jose | May 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. I’ve always thought learning forms is like learning the alphabet and actual sparring or application practice is like learning how to apply it in the form of reading and writing. Can’t have one without the other.

    I would agree with you – I also think Wing Chun is one of the best a close-quarter combat self-defense system in the world. The best thing about this system is its simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Using positioning, timing, and energy flow, as you know a Wing Chun practitioner can successfully defend himself/herself aginst a larger opponent. The value of the system was not lost on Devin , he had students that were Wing Chun students from Sifu Gary Lam ( sorry spelling) who taught in Monterey Park, CA. We will be adding articles on Modern Kung Fu and Wing Chun compared Sifu Lams site is here T ake care

    Comment by Wing Chun Las Vegas Kung Fu Student | May 27, 2007 | Reply

  3. Dear Kung Fu brother,

    My name is Abolfazl Piri and I am the founder of Hung Gar style in Iran. We are not connected to nay lineage/family and so, son interested in relating to yours, if it is possible. We really like and hope to develop hung Gar but unfortunately we don’t have enough facilities.

    Through this letter I would like to mention to following points:

    1- How can we attend/participate in your technical courses, what are the conditions and costs of a 7 day private training course? (Including: training fee, accommodation, etc).

    2- Could we relate to your family?

    3- How could we receive your certifications?

    Thank you kindly for your consideration.

    My contact details:



    Sincerely yours

    Abolfazl Piri

    Founder of Iran Hung Gar

    Comment by abolfazl piri | November 14, 2007 | Reply

  4. hi
    please remove my name and other things from this page. because a mistake occured from my friends and i did not send anything for you.

    thanks for your help

    Comment by abolfazl piri | March 10, 2008 | Reply

  5. International HungGar Kung Fu Assiciation Belgium (Les Griffes de Tigre )

    Comment by SiFu Belabed | May 22, 2008 | Reply

  6. web you very biutiful.

    Comment by agshji | September 16, 2008 | Reply

  7. I rember in San jose, Devin kicked a challenger (Chiu-wall?) during a session on on arm breaking the bone in left arm.
    Wild times!

    Skip …

    Comment by skip | September 3, 2009 | Reply

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