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Here are some takedowns and throws which work well with/against kickboxing: (All of these are tried, true, and tested)— Takedowns from a Bear Hug —

A bear hug is relatively easy to achieve. From here, you can:

1. Backward Bending takedown — 4 finger grip at the lower back, side your head against chest or opposite frontal shoulder, pull in with arms as you push him backward with your head/shoulders/chest.

2. Backward Bend with outer clip — same as above, but with your leg hooking outside of his (if right side of your head is against his chest, you use right foot to clip him — important — kind of like a bear hug with kosoto gari).

3. Drop to a Double Leg

4. Drop to a Snatch Single against his lead leg — Follow up by sweeping out the other leg from behind, or heave-ho, or dump him (run the pipe), or redump with a flank (reaching through the legs to tap the knee).

— Takedowns against the left jab —

1. Flair Single — (This is a favorite of mine) Step in with right foot to meet the front of his left foot as you downward parry with your right hand (standard basic boxing). Your right hand follows up the parry by snatching the lead (left leg) of the opponent. Now, very important, you step past his lead foot with your LEFT foot (this is important so he can’t try and counter throw you). Continue stepping in, past his rear foot WITH YOUR RIGHT FOOT as your left hand takes his rear knee (right). At this time, your right arm is lifting his left leg upward, and as you’re walking past and taking the second leg, he flairs over like a rolling wheel. You land in side control. This also works well against a left round kick.

2. Outside slip to outside head engagement and minor outer clip on opposite side

— Takedowns against Some Kicks —

1. Against the Round Kick (aka “roundhouse” kick) — Arms up, elbows in, raise your lead knee and knee block it, then catch it under your arm on that side. From here, you can:

A. Step in and major inner reap the supporting leg (basic, but it works well, even with 16 oz. gloves on). Don’t let go of that kicking leg.

B. Trap the kicking leg under that armpit, place your other hand on top of that knee, step back and turn 135-180 degrees toward the leg you have trapped as you LOWER YOUR LEVEL. This is a VERY effective takedown against kickers (a dump with modified hold on that leg). There’s no way he can stay up when you do this.

2. Against the Side Kick — Gauge your distance as it comes in — back up a little if he’s lunging fast — and scoop parry it as you move outside of it. Now his back is exposed. From here, you can:

A. Back Bear Hug — Lift, quarter turn, and drop. Down he goes.

B. Back Bear Hug and Knee Bend — From the back bear hug, put the arch of your foot in against the back of his knee as you pull him backwards. Down he goes, right into your back mount if you like. Standard BJJ fare.

3. Against a Front Kick

A. Treat it like the beginning of the flair single, and continue from there. Down he goes, like a stone.

B. Catch his heel from underneath (not hard to do, if you can regulate distance), and from here:

(1) Lift and drive forward, and he’ll fall backward.

(2) Grab the top of that foot with the other hand, twist in a circle as you bring his leg down and outward in an arc. Or, if he tries to hold onto your neck to stay up while you’re holding his front kick, turn it under and you’ll end up behind him with his foot still in your grasp. From here, you can sweep out the other leg, or lower your level and take the other leg, or hold that foot tight up against his buttock and reach the other arm around his waist and take him down face first.

4. From an Overhook and Collar Tie

A. Sumi Gaeshi (also works with underhook)

B. Elbow tie with overhooking arm (pinching above the elbow with your thumb), push inward, he resists, you duckunder (head up and back upon completion) with penetrating step on that side. From here, you can clothesline him, or continue to his back and work from there.

5. From a Double Over

A. Salto

B. Wheel him over to the side, combined with a major inner against the thigh that goes “up”


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