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My Notes from Master Devin Willis(he would decline the title)

I was lucky to train with Devin Willis (this is based on a tape recording from 1989

Here you’ll learn all about MKF: The Main goal in MKF as in Most styles of martial arts is to become a better human being. We learn for defense of different zones, 1-5 the Modern Kung-Fu community utilizes the following breakdown grapplingrange, trapping range, punching range, and kicking range. names are merely labels, though. In punching range, you can punch if you would like, or you might do anything else (such as an eye-strike) which would work efficiently within that range. The number of categories that is used are also optional.In MKF you might use anything from two to five categories. I t was not recommend more than four or five, though, because you lose the simplicity that is so important to fighting successfully. It’s kind of like deciding how many slices to cut in one pizza – you still have only one pizza no matter how many slices you make. After deciding what ranges of combat that you are going to use, you must assign all of your fighting techniques to a particular rang The following are examples of how you might classify possible ranges of combat: 1 RANGES
(Devin’s variation of MKF): grappling (WEB) range, trapping range. 2 RANGES: short-range, long-range 3 RANGES: short-range, middle-range, long-range 4 RANGES (MKF): grappling range, trapping range, punching range, kicking range 5 RANGES (my variation of MKF shooting(firearms) range In a fight, as you shift from one range to another, you would choose a movement that falls within your current range . I nor any true martial artist should claim their way is the best for everyone rather their choice of a martial arts is the best for them. for more please read


May 2, 2007 - Posted by | MKF Ranges


  1. James,

    You are correct. I would decline the title of master.There is only one Master There is only one Christ, one Redeemer.

    Your Friend LDS Christian,

    Devin Willis

    Comment by prosperstudentcare | July 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. I was a Lead Distribution Manager at “Prosper Learning” andloved it! see Devin Willisteaching Self Defense with the Guardian Keychain

    Comment by Ash | July 24, 2008 | Reply

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