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My Modern Kung Fu Blog VS. Modern Willis Combatives Blog

My Modern Kung Fu Blog

(also Known Modern Willis Combatives Blog)

This blog will reveal MKF techniques, and MMA from the journal of MYtraining, and cross training. Catch the latest news from Modern Kung Fu Defensive Tactics Academy and see as we evolve and progress.

“In the 1990s MKF has added many more theories and movements from other systems. The Don Willis system of boxing, koga system (defensive tactics), Kenpo. They also focus on Muay Thai, Modified Freestlye submission and Greco-Roman wrestling. The interesting thing about MKF is it continues to grow for the future (Willis Modern Combatives). Instructors are always learning and growing with other arts and teachers. This keeps the system from going stale and outdated. An example of the Willis Modern Combative’s theory and ideas are alive, one only needs to visit a gym owned by Damon Willis, Who is well versed in MKF and Willis Modern Combatives and is an Muay Thai Assistant Instructor under Master Toddy.

He was also taught by his brother Devin Willis, who has his instructors ranking in MKF and Willis Modern Combatives . Devin has been training in the martial arts since he was eight years old and has followed that path for over thirty years. He has taught nureous students over the years ncluding law enforcement, military personal

Both Willis are always trying to grow and Damon is currently studying Walt Bayless Jiu-Jitsu and more Muay Thai.


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